Principles of alignment in asana practice

01/02/2019 | ukibiz | blog

To practice asanas correctly, safely and effectively, and in a way that is conducive for a calm and controlled mind, is often a matter of seemingly endless complexity. Literally, hundreds of technical details can be given for any asana, in it seems that one human life is too short to learn all of them. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that asana is a good tool but a bad master. Getting lost in endlessly fine-tuning, improving, and complicating one’s practice can lead to losing the forest for the trees.

To simplify the approach to asana practice, without losing any of its essential ingredients, Janne will teach a method to analyse any asana in terms of just a handful essential components. Learning these universal principles will help practitioners and teachers to approach the practice of asanas with clarity, and derive maximum benefits with a minimal dose of theory.
Even though this workshop is meant to teach the principles behind the practice, it will be theory put to practice right away. Be prepared to try out right away all the techniques that will be introduced!


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